About James Eastland

James Eastland is the Principal of Lead Creation.

He works closely with professional services businesses to improve their online presence, strategically position their services and attract the attention of greater numbers of potential clients. Cost effective marketing is his passion—delivering good sales leads by using the power of the internet and harnessing the new ‘goldmine’, social networking with online communities (Tribes).

You can own a space in this New Media world if you build your Tribe methodically, with strong foundations. Tribes with good leadership and good purpose are ‘natural monopolies’. Monopolies for the common good: sell and the tribe walks. Quickly.

What makes our business very different?

We hire staff who are the ultimate for Social Media. Who grew up with it, live it, breathe it. Uncorrupted by the limiting beliefs of marketing departments and advertising agencies.

University students from all over the world, the very best of them. Four big hurdles to leap before they become an unpaid intern with us. They then receive specialised training from our Supervisors that took 3 years to perfect and refine for this unique group of people.

Businesses are sick of marketers who only tell you what to do. With the leverage and innovation from our interns, we implement and affordably make it happen.

To learn more, go to www.leadcreation.com.au

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