2nd October 2012

How to Find Keywords for B2B Marketing – Part Two

This is the second part of a two-part blog post on finding the right keywords that are going to serve as the launch pad for our B2B marketing campaigns.

In part one we looked at inputting and outputting data into the Google Keywords Tool and how to process that data into a table:

Keywords Comp Local Vol
Business accounting 55%


Small business accounting 89%


accountant 30%


Accounting firms 55%


Top accounting firms 22%


Business accountant 66%


Accountancy firms 70%


The final stage is outlined below but first:

Clarifying the Terms

Now is a good time to explain some of the terms you will find in the Keywords tool and why the data is useful for your B2B marketing.

Remember that all data output by the tool is very approximate.

CPC and Competition are only used here as a point of reference. This data refers only to keywords in Google AdWords and not to SEO or Google Search. This is because the Google Keyword tool is made specifically for Google Adwords purposes.

You can, however, assume that if there is a competition of 100% on a keyword, then that keyword is also likely heavily optimised and there will be a lot of businesses competing for organic SEO rankings.

The best way to double-check competition for SEO purposes is to identify the phrases using the Google Keyword Tool and then type these phrases into the Google search engine; then conduct an all-in-title advanced Google search.

This helps to identify the other sites which are optimised for those same keywords. To do this advanced search, type in “allintitle:”, and then type your Keyword. For example, type “allintitle: Accounting Company” into the Google search bar.

Generally a high traffic Keyword would be best if the competition was low, but it is extremely rare that you will find such a Keyword.

The Final Step is to Use your English Skills

Now, having identified appropriate keywords, we need to find more words and phrases that are similar to the ones found already. We will take ‘accounting firm’ and try to find out which other broad searches make up the traffic in that search.

First we use our Keyword tool to find other suggestions around the term ‘accounting firm’ because we want to find similar terms.

From our output we can find all terms that contain the Keyword ‘accounting firm’ (using the Ctrl-F function and ‘find all’ is easiest).

Putting these into a separate spreadsheet we find:

Accounting firm        2,900
Accounting firm sydney          1000
Chartered accounting firm            390
Best accounting firm            480
Top accounting firm          1900

With this output we can find another keyword that has a more reasonable level of competition while maintaining high traffic.

‘Longer tail’ keywords have lower competition; location modifiers like “Sydney” or “Melbourne” are also great ways to target longer-tail keywords that have lower competition.

Using the Google Keywords Tool first time may seem a little confusing but after a few times you will be a natural. It is a skill that your B2B marketing strategy cannot do without, because cracking keywords gives you the foundation for lead generation well into the future.

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  1. EVERY word you write on your blog is a keyword.(With the exptecion of stop words such as the, a, an, etc.)It just depends how relevant google’s algorithm thinks your keyword is to the topic.If you write a post about red cars and then mention a funny story where the words funny looking old man come up, you could end up getting hits from searchers typing in funny looking old man . But only if no other page is more relevant.

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