4th October 2012

Using Google Keywords Tool to Find the Best B2B Marketing Keywords

The importance of finding the right keywords to target for your B2B marketing cannot be overstated. Achieving that involves a process of filtering.

Where to Start – the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

We start with a large amount of keywords, and break these down according to our four rules of traffic, relevancy, competition and commerciality.

The most effective strategy is to use the free Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This was (obviously) developed by Google, and it will approximately estimate the traffic on your words.

The key point is that it is an estimate, and has the alarming habit of changing, sometimes significantly, the next time you look at the same words.

However, what matters is the relative traffic between different words and phrases—this tells you where you should be focusing your B2B marketing efforts.

To use Adwords you need to create an account for yourself at: adwords.google.com. You don’t have to pay anything unless or until you put a campaign online. You can access the free Keyword tool without an account.

What about the other Search Engines?

In most countries, Google totally dominates—to the extent that the others are generally overlooked and are almost considered irrelevant. In fact, we have started calling it GO for Google Optimization and not SEO!

However, the techniques you use to optimise for Google are very similar to those used for the other search engines.

Using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Here’s what the tool looks like:

All you have to do is input the terms that you think are relevant to your company and click the ‘get Keyword ideas’ button.

You need to target your own country if you only market domestically. In Australia, make sure that you target English, Australia, as most people searching in Australia search from Australian IP addresses.

If you keep churning through Keyword ideas you will come up with some logical words and phrases that will correctly describe your company and its products and services.

You must think laterally to develop words and phrases that are accurate and will have the biggest impact for your B2B marketing and lead generation.

For example, if you are in ‘business coaching’, then competing on high traffic words like ‘corporate consulting’ is not advisable because it would be incredibly difficult to rank for that.

You may think that ‘corporate consulting’ correctly defines your business, but you need to realise that even marketing businesses like Lead Creation are broadly defined as corporate consultants; in fact, every man and his dog are corporate consultants these days!

It’s far better to be more specific and find keywords that you have as good chance of ranking with and that involves digging a bit deeper.

More about this in other blog posts; for now, get familiar with the Keyword tool as it’s free to use; the keyword ideas it generates may just end up providing the biggest boost for your lead generation efforts in the future.

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