30th October 2012

Trade Shows: Be Green AND Get Results

Tons of brochures are handed out at trade shows, and 99% go unread into the bin. Complete waste of money and trees. The tools are now available to be much more effective and be green at the same time.

Then send them information you know is likely to be of interest and then invite those who are of interest to you to connect online. And stay in touch.

Perhaps meet the most valuable of these prospects offline, see if they are going to the next trade show and arrange to have a coffee.Make your booth all about something very different. Collect their information, their business cards, and find out what they might be interested in, in the future.

Use trade shows to start lots and lots of low level relationships. Then use social networks to deepen those of value to you, which is of course the power of social networks for business.

Enhance business relationships by Engaging with Prospects.

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Trade Shows: Be Green AND Get Results, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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Creating Customer Communities for companies selling B2B is my passion—shortening their sales cycle and building market leadership. My role sets the direction and vision of Lead Creation, tapping into the online experience of our large team of young professionals to implement cost effective strategies for B2B businesses.

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