6th April 2011

The Age of Leverage

Historically, there has been little leverage in people’s lives. There was leverage within the wandering tribes of Africa and within the villages that formed later. But just simple leverage from people specializing in particular functions. And the leverage that did exist was fully exploited, and there was not much of it.

Leverage today is limitless. The only limit is our imagination.

In fact we don’t fully understand the size of our ‘levers’, and how their use can impact our lives and our businesses.

One simple example: On social network platforms like LinkedIn, as our professional customer networks grow, and most of us develop 300, 400 or 500 connections, professionals will be able to reach almost anybody in 3 to 4 degrees of separation. For many of us, it may even be 2 to 3 degrees if we have a thousand or more connections. It stuns me how many people I can quickly reach with just over 1200 first level connects on LinkedIn.

Who knows what the impact of this leverage will be on how we do our jobs, and on how we do business.

But it will have an impact.


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About James Eastland

Creating Customer Communities for companies selling B2B is my passion—shortening their sales cycle and building market leadership. My role sets the direction and vision of Lead Creation, tapping into the online experience of our large team of young professionals to implement cost effective strategies for B2B businesses.

One thought on “The Age of Leverage

  1. Now got 2000 connections as of May ’12: and that reaches 14 million people. The numbers are staggering.

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