21st April 2011

Why stories win Groups on LinkedIn

Great online customer networks, such as LinkedIn, need a narrative about what they are building, how they are doing it and why. This is so others can learn what made them successful and emulate that success.

Professional customer network builders and members need to share the stories of successful collaboration. This narrative might include some or all of the following:

1. That great ideas will win out eventually. They will beat the mediocre, especially with a large, passionate and focused customer network to spread them.
2. That self-help is a critical element of the modern ‘tribe’ just as it was when our ancestors wandered Africa. A great customer network helps us to help ourselves and achieve our goals, both professional and social
3. That great customer networks on Social Networking, such as LinkedIn groups for example, are like free industry or professional associations – they have all the benefits and more. Lots more. Without the huge costs and the stultifying bureaucracy that is so often a part of associations.
4. That successful online groups contain fans, passionate people who are enthusiastic about being members. It is not only about numbers. It is not all about being the biggest.
5. That size is important, but not at the expense of quality and passion (look at the large number of junk groups on LinkedIn who seem to exist purely as a ‘who is biggest’ game). But why is size still an important element?

• Bigger customer networks or groups can marshal greater resources and services
• With numbers you can create smaller subgroups that focus on particular specialties
• And finally, you can create exclusive inner networks as part of the larger professional customer network- it is a powerful motivating force for people. We want and need to be in the inner circle

It is time to tell and spread the stories.

Find out more about Lead Generation here.

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