21st February 2012

Social Networking isn’t easy – though I’ll shortly be saying the opposite at a conference!

In fact it’s hard work. Bloody hard work! Even though I often tell my audiences it isn’t. Why? Because the rewards are high. If they knew how hard it was to get good results on LinkedIn, to make serious money, many would never start. Never have the opportunity to change their business.

Social Media is what CEO groups and big corporates pay me to talk about. They are already scared enough. Telling them the whole up front would just scare the punters!

Now it is much easier to make B2B networking, such as on LinkedIn, pay if you have a strategy and follow a plan. But it’s still a lot of work. Ongoing work as you need to drop a lot of breadcrumbs out there for people to notice you.

Most importantly, knowing where to focus your efforts is a big challenge for most businesses. There are so many shiny new toys to play with.

All of them offer you the world: getting my clients and audiences to choose is not easy. You cannot have it all with networking, how could you? What about the other 7 billion people out there. Will each of them also have it all?


Nothing of value is ever easily gained.

Read more about Social Networking for Lead Generation.


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Creating Customer Communities for companies selling B2B is my passion—shortening their sales cycle and building market leadership. My role sets the direction and vision of Lead Creation, tapping into the online experience of our large team of young professionals to implement cost effective strategies for B2B businesses.

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