21st February 2012

Top dog desire to destroy Google?

Greed and the desire to be top dog gets everybody eventually!

Or so it seems. What was their old motto? Do no evil or some such new age stuff. Never quite believed it, but guess it sounded good.

Now it might be: Need to beat Facebook first, then we’ll do no evil.

Or perhaps: What is good for Google is not evil.

Am joking, sort of. But believe that they are threatening what they have built the empire on. Relevance.

By pushing their own social networking platform to the top of search results they have created a huge credibility gap about their independence. Their impartiality in their delivery of the most useful and relevant results.

Threaten relevance, and many of us will start looking at the alternative. And eventually a new engine will appear that decides that is the only word that matters, and deliver it.

Like Henry Ford and the Model T: rode the wave of the ‘people’s car’. Crashed when he refused to give them what they wanted later, variety.

Google’s invincibility could be die from a self inflicted wound.

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