17th April 2012

Who Knew?

When mobile phones first appeared, who knew what they would become? What their world changing potential was? I certainly had no idea.

And that 20 years later I would use my ‘phone’ every day for 12 different tasks? All essential for running my business; with at least 15 more applications that I use weekly or monthly. Who could have imagined that we would be editing documents and spread sheets, organising our calendars and doing our banking all on our phones?

The same goes with Facebook and other Social Networks – who knew what they would become? That they had the power to change the world completely, including overthrowing ‘tin pot dictators’.

And more astonishingly to many business people, that they would and are changing the world of Business?

Some of us, and our clients, are very aware of the power of the new networks, particularly for companies selling B2B.

Yet most companies remain blissfully, fatally, ignorant.

Discover a new method for Lead Generation in B2B Business.

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About James Eastland

Creating Customer Communities for companies selling B2B is my passion—shortening their sales cycle and building market leadership. My role sets the direction and vision of Lead Creation, tapping into the online experience of our large team of young professionals to implement cost effective strategies for B2B businesses.

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